Golf Fitness

HyBridZone is the leading golf performance authority in Hawaii. We hold top level golf certifications from the Titleist Performance Institute, Nike Golf, Technogym, the Gray Institute, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Golf Fitness is the physical conditioning of the muscles that allow the body to swing the golf club safely and efficiently. Increase performance and prevent injuries. Safely transition your body through the kinematic sequence. 


We Build Golf Champions

HyBridZone golf programs have successfully prepared champions to compete at all levels including Pro Tours (PGA, LPGA, Korn Ferry, Symetra), Olympic Medalists, Amateur (NCAA Divisions I-III, World Amateur, State), and Junior (World Junior Amateur, High School State, and Junior PGA).

Our golf subject matter experts are top level certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, Nike Golf, the Gray Institute, Technogym, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


From World Golf Hall of Famer Se Ri Pak to PGA Teacher of the Year David Leadbetter to pro major champions, we have consulted for the best in the golf industry.

Golfers are athletes. We teach golfers to improve golf swing accuracy, speed, core stability, flexibility, and overall muscular strength and endurance. Drive the ball with power through proper swing mechanics and create mobility. 

Golf Ball Basket


We create golf performance programs backed by scientific research to meet your performance goals for lower scores, injury prevention, and longevity in the game. 

HyBridZone Sports Performance
Golf Physical Evaluation

Identify the physical limitations that create dysfunction in your golf swing to design corrective exercise programs that improve your golf score

HyBridZone Performance Institute Online
Online Workouts

Bespoke golf programs through mobile application for 24/7 convenience and improvement at home or training in remote locations

HyBridZone - Sports Performance
Golf Fitness Training

Solution based golf exercise programs that improve your overall performance, core stability, accuracy, and increase your driving distance

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