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Performance Institute

HyBridZone delivers world-class sports performance and education consulting by combining the health and wellness community with the military and business industries to create innovative solutions.

HyBridZone - Sports Performance

Human performance meets technology with evidence-driven programs

Book in library with old open textbook, stack piles of literature text archive on reading

Grounded in theory and backed by results to build a competitive advantage

Dr. Steven Lorick - HyBridZone Golf Fitn

Longer drives and lower scores are just the start to a better game and life with golf performance training by Dr. Steven Lorick 



Golf is a sport and golfers are athletes


Union League - Liberty Hill - Dr. Steven Lorickjpg
Union League of Philadelphia

Union League of Philadelphia Golf Clubs - Liberty Hill, Torresdale, and National work with golf exercise physiologist Dr. Steven Lorick to improve member's golf health. 

HyBridZone Junior Programs.jpg
National Youth Sports Champion

The President's Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition selected HyBridZone as a National Youth Sports Champion for the promotion of youth sports and nutrition.  

Woodmont Country Club Golf.jpg
Woodmont Country Club

PGA and LPGA golf teaching professional Trillium Rose and Director of Fitness Jane Flickinger work with Dr. Steven Lorick to present the GOLF FITNESS 101 series.

PGA Tour Article by Dr. Steven Lorick
PGA Tour Performance 

The PGA Tour Player Performance Centers provide wellness solutions to Tour players. Train like the pros. Read the latest published article by Dr. Steven Lorick.

Meditation for Health
Meditation Health Power

Agnista Meditation is a dual technique meditation that helps relieve anxiety, improves mental strength, and promotes emotional balance for a modern lifestyle.

Healthy Swing by Dr Lorick.jpg
PGA of America Fitness

PGA of America empowers teaching professionals with health and golf fitness in this recent article by USA Ambassador Dr. Steven Lorick for Technogym. 

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